I cannot believe how helpful ‘Let Me In’ were when I locked my self out of my house. I was really worried, but Darren (from Let Me In) arrived very quickly and sorted out the locked door with no damage to the lock or the door. I was very pleased. A thoroughly charming and helpful young chap

Mrs Ware - Ledbury, Herefordshire

Super quick response from Mr Cooke – from phone call, I was back in my house in less than an hour!

Mr Taylor - Cheltenham

I had been broken into twice in 6 months so I thought it was sensible to get some proper security advice. ‘Let Me In’ were knowledgeable and supportive and I was very impressed with how reasonable the quote was for window and door locks, which were fitted quickly and efficiently. It really hassle-free dealing with that company.

Mr Dune - Leominster, Herefordshire

Super quick and very professional… Thank you Let Me In Locksmiths

Trevor - Chipping Campden

I was worried about the security of my house as there have been a few break ins round here lately, I called let me in locksmiths and Darren came out and put some new locks and bolts on, he was very professional and put me at ease would recommend

Emma - Cheltenham

My lock seized and I couldn’t get out the house,the locksmith turned up in 45 mins, opened the door and replaced the lock. Very fast and efficient.
Highly recommend

Cecil Watkins - Ludlow

I lost my keys to the garage door and couldnt get the car out. Darren came as soon as he could and opened the door,but he didn’t have a lock to replace the other 1 so came back 3 days later.
Very professional

Sally Head - Newport

I was very satisfied with the service I received, It was quick and convenient, very pleased with the work completed.

Vanessa Stevens - Droitwich

Lost my house keys on the way home from the pub and had to call out Darren as I was seriously stuck,luckily he answered his phone and came to get me in. So embarrassing..
Darren is a good guy and magic man

Toby Williams - Monmouth

Couldn’t lock the front door,called the locksmith and he fixed it. Cost £90 with a lock so I was happy.

Colin Watkins - Leominster

I called a locksmith as patio doors wouldn’t lock. Darren came in 75 mins which he did say he would take and adjusted a few things then the doors worked like new again.
He knows locks and very professional

Tony Sanders - Bromsgrove

I recently inherited a house so had all my locks changed by Darren. Very trust worthy and very quick.

Sandra Cook - Gloucester

Broke my key in the door so Darren the locksmith fixed it for me.

Jason Collins - Glocester

I was told my front door lock needed upgrading. The locksmith fitted a new 5 lever lock and I saved money on my house insurance. Darren is a very good carpenter/locksmith

Mr James. - Monmouth

I’d totally forgot the code to my shed door so had to call a locksmith. I thought it was impossible to find out what the code was but in 5 mins he’d opened the door and told me the code. Amazing. Very good and interesting.

Mrs Barons - Tewkesbury

I needed all my locks changing after a messy divorce.. Darren did this for me and now I have him doing other work.

James Cooper - Cheltenham

After I’d been burgled I called this locksmith to make my house more secure. To be honest I never realised how easy it was to burgle my house but now i can seep easy as Darren has added more security.
Very good service.

Jason clews - Dunhampton

My patio door lock wouldn’t work so got this locksmith to fix. I thought I needed a new door but Dallen fixed it. He had to take lock away all working now.
Very good

Jasprit Singh - Birmingham

Got drunk and lost the keys,my friend tried to get me in but we broke the door.
Didn’t want to but had to call the locksmith to get me in,he couldn’t repair the door or lock so he fitted a new door and frame Had to wait 4 days but it was all my fault

Steve Smith - Malvern

My husband broke the key in the door so Darren came to fix it. Very good service..

Samantha Ching - Ombersley

I wasn’t happy about my window catches or locks after recent break ins in the area so let me in came and fitted locks to all the windows. Very helpful. Thank you

Dene White - Upton upon severn

I called “let me in” as my father couldn’t open his patio doors. The locksmith was very good and my dad liked him which is odd..

Paul Barker - Evesham

I’ve called Darren out 3 times to my house as I’m a little forgetful… Top guy and efficent

Tommy Reynolds - Ross on wye